Information overload

I need a better way to organise my reading page. I currently have a heap of subscriptions, mostly to things and people I genuinely want to read, but I am seriously lacking in time. I find that if I don't read my flist for a couple of days then, by the weekend, I'm too far behind to catch up. Or I open tabs with the intention of commenting but find that, by the time I read it a week later, the moment has passed to make a useful comment. So, how do you deal with information overload? Do you filter by topic or by some other secretly genius method?


I believe that you get from journaling what you put into it, and sometimes I just can't put much into it. It's hard on a daiy basis, and even harder when I'm away for a few days. I'll never catch up.

Sometimes I can take a much-needed break and comment (like now) but other times the moment passes and it's too hard to go back and remember what I wanted to say. Tabs are good as reminder, but FF has been crashing too much lately for that to be reliable.

But in all honesty, I think the way I approach it is to try to let go of the guilt for not commenting on everything, to give it time when I can, and hope that people will give me amnesty when I can't. And to force myself to realise that there may be information out there that I'm just not getting but it will be okay.
I tnink my problem is that I'm too much like my cats: I just can't bear to think I'm missing out on something!

So yes, I periodically declare flist bankruptcy and stop trying to go back to skip=300. Cos that just gets silly.

Also, may I recommend Session Manager for Firefox. It is most helpful in crash situations.
This is probably much less useful than you were hoping for but I use the scan method. It's where you just scan things without needing to read them in depth or necessarily comment on them.
I definitely try to do that, but I have lots of interesting things on my flist and I keep getting distracted :)