Well, hello there, stranger!

It's been 9 months since I last posted... Wow! I, ummm... I guess I've been busy! So, hello again, folks. I have been lurking and reading fic (although mostly on AO3), but not much more than that.

So, what have I been up to, I hear you ask. Let me tell you...

Geek stuff
Everquest 2: Back in June, I was away on business for a week. I came home to discover that my raid guild had exploded, getting flounce and drama everywhere, and two of the officers had quit. So, I stepped up and agreed to be an officer, which was fun, but time-consuming and demanding. I persevered until shortly before the 'expansion'. We'd had a big turnover of raiders saying, 'it's not fun now, byeeee!' and fucking off, and further folks approaching the officers quietly to give notice. So, when it became clear that the 'expansion' was going to be nothing more than a new race, we decided to fold the guild. I was very sad that day, and spent a while in mourning.

Pharaoh: So I went old-school for a while, and built a shit-laod of pyramids, and fought off a few Bedouin armies. Until my BFF cajoled me into buying Skyrim...

Skyrim: It took me a while to work out the interface, but now I'm utterly loving it! I am a cat and I am sneaky and rather excellent with a sword. Also, I just killed my first dragon!

Work stuff
Actual job: Work continues to be work-like. I'm still mostly enjoying my current assignment, but I had a bit of a dip in motivation over the past 6 months which is going to make my imminent review less than stellar. I'm hoping my boss takes enough time remembering to schedule my review that I can regain lost ground beforehand.

Extracurricular: I've joined a couple of the on-site teams, dedicated to culture change and diversity, and am coaching on the topic of Identity in some of the workshops. I love so much that I'm able to use skills I learned in fandom and from stalking feminist blogs out in my work world. And I feel like I'm making a difference. I feel so much more inspired and passionate about this than my regular work right now.

Home stuff
My babe: Paz has been a bit down recently, feeling a lack of direction and dissatisfaction with his job. I'm trying to be generally supportive, but I can't make a decision on what he wants to do with his life for him, and I find it hard to stop myself 'helping' too much.

My garden: In brighter news, we had a load of structural work done in the back garden so I now have lovely, empty beds to fill with easy-care plants as we get closer to spring. It was done too late to get any bulbs in, but I'm thinking that I want the shrubs in for structure and layout before I start putting in the little things. But I have many pages of detailed plans, and my godmother's Christmas present to me was an IOU for a garden-consultation visit and £50 to spend at the local garden centre. I need to get my little Japanese maple in the ground by the end of January, but the ground is still a litte solid after a week of frosts.

My dining room: The space that will be my dining room has now been stripped of wallpaper. It is sadly lacking the application of decorators to smooth the walls and paint them. [Yes, I know we could probably do this ourselves, but we'd rather pay someone else and keep our weekends, since we have the funds.]

Fannish things
H50: The start of Season 2 was deeply disappointing and killed a lot of my enjoyment, but I am still watching it in the hope that matters improve. I did not lose my squee for the fandom, however, which continues to produce fic of a higher quality (and lower fail-rate) than the actual show.

SGA: Am still reading the bits of McShep that pop up, but not following the fandom in any dedicated sense. I reread my old favourites when I need a pick-me-up.

Others: I'm being surprisingly multi-fannish (for me) these days. I mainlined all the Neal/ Elizabeth/ Peter (White Collar) and John Mclane/ Matt Farrell (Die Hard 4) fics that I could find in two different weekends, and have been dipping in and out of Merlin and Sherlock as the mood takes me.

TV: So much choice right now, but mostly in the Crime genre. Where the hell has all the good Sci-Fi and Fantasy gone to? My absolute favourite show to date is Bones (Caroline Julian wins at *everything*) and I am also watching Leverage (yay Parker!), Castle (yay all of them), NCIS (Abby Abby Abby) and White Collar (the most recent ep feels like they're trying to wrap that one up). Did I miss anything? Oh yes, Sherlock, Merlin and Doctor Who when they are on.

tl;dr: I'm alive; yay Skyrim; yay garden; yay H50 and other tv shows.

So, that's a recent history of me. I'd like to say that it won't be as long until my next update, but given my track record, that's not really a promise that I can make.

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