Thunder and lightning, something frightening!

On Thursday afternoon, we had a thunderstorm and flash floods in Newcastle! All the underpasses on the main roads flooded, and some key junctions and roundabouts. My evening went as follows...

  • Left work in torrential rain, splashing through 4 inches of water in the car park (ew, wet socks!)
  • Took an hour to go a mile in the car with a friend to the pub where we were gathering for another colleague's retirement drinks.
  • Rain stopped at about 7pm, traffic failed to clear. In fact, traffic was pretty much stationary eastbound. (The day after people were talking about 6 hour journeys to get across town)
  • At 9pm, I went to see if I could catch a bus. Nothing running, so I walked home, which is about 4 miles. I got home around 10.30 and was veeeery tired.

Here are some pics:

There was no flood damage on our street (yay for living on a hill!) and the day after, there was no evidence nearby that the storm had happened at all! It appears that I was quite lucky.

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