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Mar. 28th, 2010

It has been three months since my last confession...

Erm, oops! Hello, folks :D

So, a brief summary of the last three months:

  • January was cold and snowy. So much snow, in fact, that we failed to fly to Belfast to have Second Christmas at the in-laws.
  • Made two trips to Brussels; passed two audits!
  • Got the Sentinels Fate expansion for Everquest 2. My fury, Raelynne, is now level 90.
  • Passed a Problem-Solving Test and three interviews, but didn't yet get the job I want. I'm on a list, though, which is a positive step.
  • Went to wedding of Paz's little brother, which was a day of much fun.

I'm going to try to be more regular about posting, but I've said that before... We'll see.

Jan. 3rd, 2010

Happy new year!

A slightly belated happy new year to everyone. May the new year have more win and less fail for all. I'm back to work tomorrow (have to get up in 7 hours - ugh!) and January is shaping up to be a bit crazy. I have 4 days to prepare for an audit and for meetings in Brussels. Then Belfast on Thursday night with Paz to visit the in-laws. Back Monday evening; late start at work Tuesday; flight to Brussels in the afternoon. A day of meetings, back the following morning and 5 more days to finalise everything for my very first audit. I am a teeny bit terrified. [Also, wtf, British weather??? There has been snow on the ground consistently for 3 weeks now. This really needs to stop.]

Dec. 30th, 2009

Short week

I have worked a whole two days this week. Yesterday was interminable, but today was alright. And since I do not have to work tomorrow, I am sitting here with Black Magic chocolates, a glass of red wine (both xmas presents), recorded episodes of Spooks on the V+ box and flist catch-up on the laptop. Marvellous.

Dec. 28th, 2009

Merry late christmas and happy almost new year!

Holy crap, it's been a month and a half since my last post! That would explain why I have all these tabs sitting open just waiting to be recced.

So, December was a stupidly busy month, and half the fics for [ profile] sga_santa are epic monstrosities! I'm also a week behind on my flist.

On to many linkies: )

For all cat people, this is just too funny:

I'll have some [ profile] sga_santa recs soon, but I think I want to wait for the reveal. This is mostly because I'm lazy and don't want to have to go back and edit for author names later. And I think you all have enough to be going on with above :D

Oh, also: I got a Christmas card from [personal profile] paraka on christmas eve. Thank you!

Nov. 15th, 2009

An accurate description

I saw this in the Metro the other day, and it sums up my relationship with Paz perfectly.

Nemi cartoon 11 Nov 2009

The cartoon is called Nemi.

(Another) good way to make a point

I don't usually have a lot of time for Lily Allen, but I very much like this use of her song:


Thanks to [info - personal] cupidsbow for linking it in the first place.

Nov. 14th, 2009

Can't. Make. Decision. HELP!

On the one hand, SGA Big Bang is live, and I have a burning need to start reading [info - personal] telesilla's, [info - personal] sabinetzin's and [info - personal] auburn's fics all at once.

On the other hand, there's 20% bonus Achievement Award on EQ2 this weekend and, while Raelynne is fully capped out and ready for the next expansion, I really need to be levelling my shadowknight, Sentai. And of course, I have my shiny new RAM to give everything Go Faster Stripes.

On the third hand (or maybe a prehensile tail), I've finally ported my RL journal to DW. But I now need to devise a tagging system that will work for that journal and this one (since I intend to crosspost) and then retag 6 years of entries.

So, a poll to help me decide )

The first thing I am going to do is get dressed. It is technically the afternoon now, and I should not still be lounging in my scruffy dressing gown. Then, maybe a bacon muffin for lunch...

Nov. 13th, 2009


My RAM has arrived! \o/

This means I now have to shut down my laptop and attack it with a screwdriver. I have done such a thing many times with desktop towers, but never with a laptop. I feel unaccountably nervous...

I may have to log on to Paz's computer at the same time, so I can still feel connected to the world.

ETA: RAM was safely installed (several hours ago, actually) and I am now about to see just how much faster EQ2 runs. This will mostly be defined by how long it takes to zone in to the guild hall.

Nov. 12th, 2009

Links in my chain-mail bikini

A couple of things I wanted to share:

My list of open tabs is somewhat more manageable now, although SGA Big Bang is imminent, so that won't last long.

I came so close to having my hands on my RAM upgrade this evening! But all I found was a 'We tried to deliver' note :( Hopefully, they will deliver tomorrow after 10:30, when I will be back from my driving lesson, and not before. It would suck to miss it twice!

Nov. 7th, 2009

Procrastinate like there's no tomorrow

There were plenty of things I could have, and indeed should have done with my day. Have I done them? No. What have I done instead? tvtropes and These are deliberately not real links, so as to save you from my fate.


[info - community] followfriday popped up on my reading page and I've been browsing some of the comms and people listed there. I now have a number of tabs open that are causing me some consternation.

Subscribing to communities is easy; I'm interested in the topic or I'm not, and I can always unsubscribe if the comm turns out to not be my thing. Subscribing to fic writers is also easy. I've found them because of their fic, I've left a comment to say I liked the fic and then I've subscribed. No particular mystery there.

But journals of people who make random and witty observations on their own life? I am not sure. I can be very passive on the internet. Even in RL, I'm bad at starting a conversation with a stranger. If they start the conversation I'll be fine and can hold my own on a range of topics. But online there are no visual cues, no common ground or observation about the late train and would the Tories be any better.

I sit here, with my self-doubt, wondering if these people are happy with being linked on [info - community] followfriday, what their opinion is of random strangers subscribing to them, how I'll be viewed if I randomly chirp up in the middle of a discussion thread when they don't know me from Adam.

So, I'm curious. What's your position on adding random people or being added by them? Us shy and retiring types want to know.


In totally unrelated news, I really have to clean my oven. I can smell burning cheese (that presumably fell off one of Paz's pizzas), but what is supposed to be cooking is baking potatoes. Definitely time for the Mr Muscle.

Oct. 30th, 2009

Mostly a good day

I have successfully reduced my number of open tabs to 11, but I have not yet trawled my reading list for the last 3 days *sigh*.

I saw Eddie Izzard last night at the Newcastle arena and he rocked!!! The tickets were unexpected, so thanks to whichever mates of Paz' manager decided to bail. Our gain! Highlights of the evening were the jazz chicken and gazelles on elastic. I've noticed Eddie's getting rather more political these days. Significant time devoted to creationism and 'intelligent design', and several mentions of the BNP. It made for an interesting, intelligent show. It was also as funny as hell!

I currently have men drilling holes in my brickwork and stuffing the house cavities with yellow fluff. Soon we shall be fully insulated! Unfortunately, I can't go into town and meet my mate from London off the train until they're done. I'm also only half way through my to-do list for the day.

Still to do:

  • Tidy bedroom
  • Tidy desk (hah!)
  • Food shopping for weekend guests - umm...
  • Check train prices to Sheffield and London.
That last one is important. I have to go to Sheffield and I want to go to London, both before xmas. I probably can't afford to do both but, either way, I should book sooner rather than later.

OK, workmen finally done! I'm off to town to meet Andy, who I haven't seen since easter.

Oct. 19th, 2009

Jet-set lifestyle

I've had a very random day:

  1. I am 30 today. It feels much like any other day.
  2. Despite the birthday, I still had to get up at 6:30am to go to work this morning.
  3. HUUUUUUGE lunch to say goodbye to the lady I'm taking over from.
  4. Area-wide power outage at 2.00pm somewhat inconvenient.
  5. Cake and presentation for aforementioned lady (in the dark). I feel fat now.
  6. Give up trying to work with no power and no network and am just packing up to leave when the fire alarm goes. Dammit! Needed 5 more minutes!
  7. Stand outside (in the rain) for 20 minutes until we're allowed back in and I can collect my laptop.
  8. Am just leaving as the power returns. Can't get out as the security systems haven't reset properly.
  9. Am home, showered and in jeans, waiting for taxi to airport. Am going to Brussels for work. Back tomorrow night.

Also randomly, I'm on twitter these days. I'm raelynne79 if you're remotely interested.

Oct. 16th, 2009


Prepare to be angry.

Why there was nothing 'human' about Jan Moir's column on the death of Stephen Gately

Oct. 8th, 2009

Work is cutting into my fic time

I'm spending most of my time on Dreamwidth these days, only occasionally popping back to IJ. So I'm going to tidy up my IJ flist (with filters, no defriending). Please could you comment and let me know where you would prefer me to read your posts, DW or IJ. And I have a heap of DW invites if anyone else wants to come play on DW, and I'm [info - personal] queenbarwench for IJ readers.

I have seven tabs open with fic waiting to be read. They're all wordcount 15,000+ epic monstrosities that I really don't have the energy to start reading right now. I'm thinking maybe some Dollhouse instead.

Oct. 4th, 2009

Update: Misc.

1) An interesting evening for my rogue, Eris, on our current D&D campaign. We're on a dungeon crawl, and I'm making a lot of use of my Detect Trap skill. A couple nearly got me, but I escaped unscathed. Also, a bound Earth Elemental followed its instructions to the letter, motioning us to silence, before reporting to its summoner that it heard nothing and no one spoke to it. It was a rival house. We took care of the problem with a grenade!

2) I have lots of pics of D20's in a folder, waiting for me to make an icon. I should get round to that some day.

3) This morning, I mowed* my legs. It hurts, but it's also quite boring and my mind was wandering. I was thinking that I've read a few fics where John Sheppard shaves his legs (mostly in the context of genderswap), but none where he waxes them (or any other body part). I'd love to read that, especially as a not-genderswap fic. Any recs?

4) New job is becoming more interesting. They're sending me to Brussels for a meeting!!! I have a new project to start work on tomorrow morning, and some internet research that is driving me crazy because of the IE6 trauma.

5) I may have eaten too many chocolate brownies this evening. They may also have been more chocolate than brownie. Less chocolate or more flour next time. And also 5 mins extra in the oven.

6) This is reading like a drunk!post, but it's actually not. It could be a chocolate-overdose!post.

7) Bedtime! Commute is still a bitch and seven is a good number.

8) I remembered something else: Ian Brown and Kasabian both have albums out and singles playing on the radio. Given that Kasabian are pretty much Stone Roses II, I actually can't tell which single belongs to which band if I don't hear the DJ announce the song.

* I use an epilator. It sounds like one of those teeny electric Flymo mowers so, while I'm not technically mowing my legs, that's how I refer to it.

Sep. 25th, 2009

The internets! It sucks me in!

Wow, skip=300 to get past to the last entry I read, and about 70 tabs open to be read/ laughed at/ commented on/ acted upon. I feel this is not an effective use of my Friday.

However, plumber has been and fixed my boiler (and bled my radiators for me) and I now need to go into town and pick up Paz's 30th birthday present. If it's as awesome as I'm hoping, I'll try and post a couple of pics of it this afternoon.

Damn, I'm starving! OK, lunch first, then town. And then the washing up, now I have hot water again. *sigh* Where does Aion feature in this to-do list?

Sep. 18th, 2009

After six months of signing on...


It's about bloody time. It's an agency placement so I'm technically working for Adecco while I work at Proctor & Gamble. It's a year's maternity cover co-ordinating an overseas training programme. My job title is "Administration Assistant", which is a bit rubbish, but it's all good experience and CV-able. It's 4 days/week and pays enough to cover the bills, so I can finish my driving lessons without changing instructor. And hopefully the recession will be mostly over before this time next year.

The commute is going to be a bitch. )

Aug. 2nd, 2009


Holidays are great for me but not so great for catching up on the flist afterwards. I made it to skip=100 and I have 27 tabs open to read and/or comment on. But now I'm going to make lunch before Paz and I go out to spend the afternoon at Gibside.

Next week I have two job applications to complete, some temping agencies to join, some studying to do, a friend to have lunch with and I must drag my fat arse to the gym!

When am I going to read my tabs?

Jul. 18th, 2009

When life gives you lemons...

I frequently make this little smoked salmon pasta thingy for lunch (recipe below, for those that are interested). It requires the zest of a lemon (or a lime works too), but not the juice. So I have all these naked lemons and limes sitting in my fridge and no idea how to use them up. The one dish I use lime juice for also requires the zest and there's a limit to the number of times I can justify having pancakes with lemon and sugar for lunch.

Any suggestions, anyone?

Recipe )

While I often think of posts I could make, I very rarely make them. Now I find I have a hundred reasons to post and the inclination to do so. Where's that coming from, I wonder?

Jul. 17th, 2009

Attention, British weather!


I swam into town to have lunch with my mother, which was very nice. She went off to her hair appointment and I headed up into town to pick up a book on SQL. I happened to accidentally fall into Clarks, where I accidentally bought a pair of shoes in the sale. Oops! I'm justifying them as sensible work shoes for wearing to the job I don't have yet. I think there may be a flaw in my reasoning.

We were promised a nice hot summer. Methinks they LIED.

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