May. 30th, 2009

Couple o' recs

I have three SGA fics and one Star Trek Reboot fic for your delectation.

First up, The Three Hunters by [info]mirabile_dictu. This story comes with a kleenex warning but is so totally worth it in the end.

Second is another untitled BJ Friday fic by [info] - livejournal.comhestia_lacey. How does she get so much emotion into one scene? I am in awe!

Third is a cute fic by Punk, entitled Caught. This ends with a warm and fuzzy feeling, without being saccharine. Is nice :)

The Star Trek one is Kirk/McCoy, You Give Me Fever by [info] - personalladycat and [info] - personalgreen. Kirk get personal treatment from his doctor...

Has fandom collectively made up its mind on an acronym or abbreviation for the Reboot yet?