Mar. 30th, 2012

Thinking thinky thoughts

I've been reading widely on various feminist and social justice blogs as I get more involved at work with the Culture Change and Diversity teams, and there are quite a few posts I could have made, if only to pass on links. But I haven't...

I have eventually come to the conclusion that the reason I don't want to post is because I no longer identify with my username. I haven't been a barwench for about 6 years now, maybe longer, and it's just not who I want to be now. So, the real question is, what should I change my name to? The gaming handle I use most widely can be easily linked to my real name, so that's out. My next option is... I don't know what my next option is. Nothing is jumping out and saying, 'Yes, that is a one-word embodiment of ME!' Something cat-related, maybe?

I am open to suggestions.

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Apr. 8th, 2010

Some things I'd like to share

I'm having my first sick day in six months today. Having successfully evaded Paz's cold for the duration of the Easter weekend, I returned to a freezing cold office at work, which gave the bugs the opportunity to catch me. *sniffle* Sudafed and lemsips are my friends today, and I now have time to do a little tab clearance and circle maintenance.

So, Thing the First: [personal profile] auburn recently requested prompts for a timestamp meme. And she wrote this snippet from the end of In the City of Seven Walls which remains my favourite SGA fic ever. I recommend you read the other snippets in the meme while you're there.

Thing the Second was found via [community profile] metafandom and is The Broccoli Test. The degree to which John and Rodney passed this test would depend very much on who was writing them, I suspect. Sometimes they just totally get each other and sometimes they... don't. Let me know if you have a take on this.

Thing the Third is a fic by [personal profile] darkrose which makes my geeky heart happy: We Sang in Tune. My main geeky timesink, Raelynne, is a Fury, which is part-healer, part-nuker. Guess which bit I enjoy more. (I just have to pause for a moment to brag about the fact that I was 3rd Fury on my server to level 90. Thank you for your time.)

Thing the Fourth is my current favourite LoLcat:

cut for those who are not LoLcats fans )

Lastly, a question: I've seen the phrase, "a lack of spoons" around the internets a lot recently. While I understand what it means from context, I have no idea where it came from or why spoons in particular. I think it's a phrase I could apply to myself some days, but I am unwilling to do so without understanding its origins. Any insights, flist?

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Nov. 7th, 2009

Procrastinate like there's no tomorrow

There were plenty of things I could have, and indeed should have done with my day. Have I done them? No. What have I done instead? tvtropes and These are deliberately not real links, so as to save you from my fate.


[info - community] followfriday popped up on my reading page and I've been browsing some of the comms and people listed there. I now have a number of tabs open that are causing me some consternation.

Subscribing to communities is easy; I'm interested in the topic or I'm not, and I can always unsubscribe if the comm turns out to not be my thing. Subscribing to fic writers is also easy. I've found them because of their fic, I've left a comment to say I liked the fic and then I've subscribed. No particular mystery there.

But journals of people who make random and witty observations on their own life? I am not sure. I can be very passive on the internet. Even in RL, I'm bad at starting a conversation with a stranger. If they start the conversation I'll be fine and can hold my own on a range of topics. But online there are no visual cues, no common ground or observation about the late train and would the Tories be any better.

I sit here, with my self-doubt, wondering if these people are happy with being linked on [info - community] followfriday, what their opinion is of random strangers subscribing to them, how I'll be viewed if I randomly chirp up in the middle of a discussion thread when they don't know me from Adam.

So, I'm curious. What's your position on adding random people or being added by them? Us shy and retiring types want to know.


In totally unrelated news, I really have to clean my oven. I can smell burning cheese (that presumably fell off one of Paz's pizzas), but what is supposed to be cooking is baking potatoes. Definitely time for the Mr Muscle.